Goal and Feature
¡@¡@ H&SS includes the two fields of humanity and social science. Although H&SS consists of two different academic areas, this kind of academic structure, with our emphasis on interdisciplinary integration, has developed a distinctive environment for research, teaching, and learning. Basically, our mission is to:
¡´ prepare students to be informed citizens with specialties, diverse perspectives, and general knowledge;
¡´ encourage the departments to develop their respective features, and at the same time to develop special curricular programs and research interests through interdisciplinary integration, expecting the international reputation as a model among colleges.
Our plan for future development will primarily proceed with three dimensions:
¡´ Developing the scale of educational system: With the limit Ministry of Education put on the prescribed number of personnel, basically new departments will not be established in the future; instead, the existing departments will make the efforts in developing sound educational system.
¡´ Developing academic research: Faculty and student collaboration between departments will be enhanced to promote transdisciplinary research, thereby building our own academic feature. ¡§Creative Writing and Multi-culture¡¨ and ¡§Issues about Mainland China¡¨ will be the two main research topics according to our plan.
¡´ Developing teaching and learning: The point is to enhance the curricular collaboration between departments, and to design inter-departmental curricular programs. With the facilities of Language Center, Digital Culture Center, and Audiovisual Classroom, and through the multimedia instruction, we aim to fulfill the Humanity and Social Science education, and to advance the effects of teaching and learning